Reads a file and all its contents, returns a single string

Return type:str

Clears the terminal screen from python, operating system agnostic

Return type:None
basic_utils.core.to_string(objects, sep=', ')[source]

Converts a list of objects into a single string

>>> to_string([1, 2, 3])
'1, 2, 3'
Return type:str
basic_utils.core.getattrs(obj, keys)[source]

Supports getting multiple attributes from a model at once

Return type:Tuple[Any, ...]
basic_utils.core.map_getattr(attr, object_seq)[source]

Returns a map to retrieve a single attribute from a sequence of objects

Return type:Tuple[Any, ...]
basic_utils.core.rgetattr(obj, attrs)[source]

Get a nested attribute within an object

Return type:Any
basic_utils.core.rsetattr(obj, attr, val)[source]

Sets a nested attribute within an object

Return type:None